Glass Staircase in Manchester

A modern grey staircase with glass has completely transformed this home.

grey staircase with glass in manchester

Grey Staircase with Glass 

The Requirement

The hallway of this home was in need of modernisation. A modern new glass staircase design was required to bring this space up to a higher standard. New plasterwork, decorating, fixtures and carpets was also part of the project.

staircase renovation before and after

The Solution

To be in keeping with the overall design a grey painted staircase was chosen.  STYLE DETAILS:  Square profile posts, Flat caps, Contemporary handrails and baserails, all strings and apron fully cladded and finished with hardwood trims, 10mm Toughened glass mounted on polished square clamps.

grey staircase with glass in altrincham

The Result

The staircase renovation was completed within 2 days, on schedule and without any disruption, the modern grey finish combined with glass panels have provided a finish and look that fits perfectly with the newly painted walls and carpets. Stunning results achieved once again using modern glass and painted wood.

grey staircase renovation

Grey Staircase Renovation in Altrincham 

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